Snezhana Babkina shared racy photos with her beloved husband

Snejana Babkina is not just the wife of a famous musician Sergey Babkina, and his close friend and Muse. The couple are raising three beautiful children – Arthur, Veselin and little Elisha. By the way, the musician loves the baby and often spends time with him. Thursday, November 7, Sergey Babkin celebrated a birthday. His mate moved the artist to tears with his soulful creative greeting.

Снежана Бабкина поделилась пикантным фото с любимым мужем

Snezhana shared racy photos with stylish husband and left him a “cosmic” message.

“You’re my universe! Our Space is You! Let be the infinite expanses of your Happiness! Let space Galaxy your Soul be always filled with dreams and hopes! Suppose that you Shine the stars of joy and flying comets good luck! Let the vastness of your Space is increasingly open their secrets! May your flights marked a huge discovery! You’re our Sun, the heat which warms Us all! And we’re the Aliens! And we love you! With the New Cosmic Year, our Dear Cosmo – Babkin!”