Snow, ice, rain and severe thunderstorms: US covered powerful winter storm

Despite the fact that at the beginning of February most of the country can enjoy the mild winter in some regions of the United States are expected to be serious weather changes, writes Fox News.

Снегопады, ледяные дожди и сильные грозы: США накрыл мощный зимний шторм

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According to the National weather service, a winter storm will move from the Rockies to the East coast — his movement will begin on Monday, February 3, and to the East of the country the storm gets during the week.

“To dangerous weather conditions are: heavy snow over the Western mountains and strong winds in the South-West, strong thunderstorms in the South, ice and heavy snow in the direction from the southern plains to the North-East”, — stated in the message service.

In the center of the weather forecasting NWS said that in some parts of Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado are projected to be “widespread”snowfall — in these places there are warning about winter storms and recommendations for winter weather.

“It is expected that the heavy snow will fall in higher terrain of Central Wyoming and North Central Colorado with a possible accumulation of up to feet (30,45 cm),” — said forecasters.

Many schools in the area of salt lake city was closed on 3 February after he reported the alleged snowy weather and restrictions on early morning drives.

Sunday, February 2, the temperature reached 71 degrees Fahrenheit (21,6 Celsius) in Denver, but the NWS office in boulder warned that “drastic changes”.

It was expected that drizzling rain and snow will pass across the plains by late morning and will be replaced by snow, which moves in a abundant snowstorm by Tuesday morning, February 4, in the direction of Fort Collins South to Colorado springs. By the time a storm in Denver may fall from 6 to 8 inches (15-20 centimeters) of snow.

Meteorologists expect the snowfall will be the maximum on Monday evening, February 3, and Tuesday morning, February 4. Department of transportation, Colorado stated that the greatest risk will be a Blizzard and poor visibility in the mountains.

“Motorists are advised to think about a day on Monday to leave work early or to work from home to avoid travel on snowy and icy roads,” — said in a statement the Department.

Representatives of the Department of transportation Colorado said February 3-crew rescue services set ” – hour snow shift,” for the safety of motorists might be closed roads.

“All available resources will be used, — reported in Department. — With the increasing snowfall, the crews will concentrate on major roads and reduce the service level on secondary roads, aiming to reduce the impact of weather on major roads”.

It is projected that the storm will move into the Southern plains and Tuesday night, February 4, referring to Western Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Western Texas.

Also meteorologists predict that a storm system will move East, but will not affect the weather in Iowa, where today officially started the presidential elections.

According to forecasts, senior meteorologist Fox News Janice Dean, on Monday in Iowa is not expected precipitation, mostly clear skies with seasonal highs.

“They have in the forecasts mostly Sunny skies, said Dean. — To the West the storm to pass, but it will have no affect”.

Dean added that today “there is no reason not to go” out of the house, as the weather in Iowa will be “impressive”.

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