Snow storm covered the Midwest United States: there are victims, canceled hundreds of flights

A prolonged winter storm that hit the US West coast early in the week, moved to the Midwest, and rushed to the East of the country. The storm is already almost canceled 690 flights in one of the busiest airports in the United States. This writes Fox News.

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The national weather service has issued a warning about the storm for most of the Midwest and upper Mississippi valley to the Great, as it is expected that “sprawling winter storm” will bring to the region the heavy snow and wind gusts over 50 mph (80.4 km/h), and create life-threatening weather conditions.

On the southern part of the Midwest already had a mixture of freezing rain and several inches of snow.

At the international airport O’hare in Chicago (Illinois) on Friday evening, January 18, was cancelled about 690 flights after the Federal aviation administration (FAA) has suspended all flights. Another 169 flights were canceled at midway airport (Il) before the ban was lifted at about 21:45 the same day.

The Delta Airlines flight with 123 passengers and 6 crew members on Board ran out taxiway at the international airport in Kansas city (mo) because of the ice. Reports of injuries were not.

Nearby, in Summit Lee (Missouri), fire truck overturned on an icy road after returning from the call. No one was hurt.

According to forecasts by the National weather service, the worst weather conditions overwhelm the Eastern part of the Dakotas, Minnesota and Northern Iowa.

Interstate 29 between Grand forks, North Dakota and Sioux falls (South Dakota) was closed.

“Do not travel on these roads and do not try to go around the gates on secondary roads. You will be stranded and put your life and the lives of others danger,” the police said.

It was also closed interstate 84 in Idaho, where slippery roads and reduced visibility have led to numerous accidents.

In the West people died due to avalanches in ski resort South lake Tahoe (CA). Another skier was seriously injured lower body and was taken to the hospital in lake Tahoe for emergency surgery. The final cause of the avalanche is still under investigation.

It is expected that the storm passes through the Great lakes on Saturday, January 18, and will reach the North of new York and New England.