Snowden no longer wants to live in Russia and asks the Makron

Сноуден больше не хочет жить в России и просится к Макрону

A former employee of the national security Agency USA Edward Snowden, who in 2013 is hiding in Russia, have declared their desire to seek asylum in France. He said this in an interview with radio station France Inter, which will be released September 16.

The statement Snowden writes “RBC-Ukraine”.

“I would love to Mr. macron has provided me a shelter”, — quotes the former scout edition.

We will remind, Edward Snowden in early June 2013 gave the Newspapers classified information the national security Agency of the United States regarding mass surveillance of special services for information communications of millions of people worldwide, including leaders. According to the report of the Pentagon, Snowden stole 1.7 million secret files. In the US former CIA officer charged in absentia with espionage and theft of government property. He declared the American authorities on the international wanted list.

Since 2013 lives in Russia, which has granted him asylum.

Edward Snowden asked President Barack Obama for clemency, but have not received it.

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