Soap, comb and other things that are dangerous to share with someone else


Scientists have given a list of personal things you can’t share even with those closest to you.

Мыло, расчёска и другие вещи, которые опасно делить с кем-то ещё

We all know that anyone to share your toothbrush. But this is not the only thing that is absolutely impossible to give in use to other people.

Scientists have compiled a list of items strictly forbidden to share:

  • Towel. It is easy to confuse with others, so watch carefully for his movement. The best would be if each member of the family and guests will towel your color. This item absorbs moisture from human skin, but also easily conveys the germs. Therefore, using other people’s towels, you can get an infection.
  • Loofah. This item should only wash you, otherwise you risk seeding your skin with other people’s germs. Scientists have also found that using one sponge the whole family can cause allergic urticaria.
  • Cosmetics. In any case, don’t share makeup and do not let your other women. Otherwise you run the risk of a cold sores, conjunctivitis and many other skin diseases.
  • Headphones. In the ears there are a lot of bacteria and germs. So if you listen to music with another person, you risk to put in your auricle infection.
  • Soap. On the surface breeds a lot of bacteria, in contact with which can cause itching and allergies. It is best to use liquid soap.
  • Comb. If you in addition to her people, increases the risk of infection of the scalp. Experts advise to wash this item on a daily basis.

Do not share with other people these personal hygiene items, and save health!

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