Soccer England held the 1,000 th game in its history (photo)

Футбольная сборная Англии провела 1000-й матч в своей истории (фото)

On the eve of the England national team in the qualifying for Euro 2020 enchanting defeated the team of Montenegro is 7:0.

The match at Wembley was the anniversary, 1,000 th match by “Three lions” in history.

Their first game, England held on 30th November 1872, the year against the national team of Scotland.

The match attracted nearly 4 million viewers and ended in a draw 0:0.

England won the world Cup in 1966 year, which was held at her home and took third place at the European championship in 1968-m to year.

The evolution of the England team since 1966-th year.