Social cohesion and immigration: “shabby” words, according to Anglade

Social cohesion and immigration: «shabby talk, according to Anglade


LAVAL – The Liberal leader claims that François Legault is deliberately playing petty and seedy “petty politics” by linking violence and social cohesion with immigration in his speeches.

“François Legault, this week, he told us that immigration had a link with violence and he is repeating the offense in relation to social cohesion,” said Dominique Anglade during a press briefing this morning in Laval. 

“It's petty politics that he does. He wants to divide Quebecers. It's small, it's petty, it's shabby.” 

She adds that the outgoing Prime Minister “calls on the lowest instincts” and that he “nurtures the fear of other.” 

“It's the oldest form of politics to pit us against each other,” she said, arguing that the CAQ leader's remarks are ” deliberate”. 

Decline of French 

At the end of the day on Sunday, François Legault declared that Quebec must curb the decline of French to maintain its social cohesion. He went on to argue that parties, like Québec solidaire, that want to dramatically raise immigration thresholds threaten national cohesion. 

“Why did Quebecers stick together during the pandemic? Because we are a nation, a people who are tightly woven. Then at the heart of this nation, there is French. Then there, there is a certain urgency… We have seen in the studies that have been submitted recently, that there is a decline in French. So it is important, to keep this national cohesion, to stop the decline of French”, he said. 

Following a question from a journalist, the head of the CAQ went on to say: “It's sure that the parties that want to go to 70,000, 80,000 a year, newcomers, it's is like math. If we want to stop the decline for a while, we have to better integrate newcomers into French.” 

Integrate them well 

Outraged by the words of the head of the CAQ, Dominique Anglade maintained that the Prime Minister had thus attacked with this declaration the people who built Quebec. 

“Today, it seems that he is in the Mile-Islands [Laval], I hope he meets people who are of Italian, Chilean, Cambodian, Greek origin because all that is what built the Quebec that I know. The Quebec that we know, that my parents chose,” she mentioned. >

“There absolutely has to be a successful integration. This is why we are proposing the whole question of the regionalization of immigration,” she said, reiterating that she would raise the immigration threshold to 70,000 per year.