Sofia Richie said the figure in a bold outfit

American model likes to show the public vivid images, emphasizing the dignity of her figure, reports the with reference to Showdream.

София Ричи подчеркнула фигуру эффектным аутфитом

Today, 20-year-old Sofia Richie decided to focus on catchy colors and alluring styles.

The star shared a series of photos in which she poses in a relaxed home setting. Her look encompassed everything from dramatic details — sexy cuts, slim fit and a variety of rich colors.

Asymmetrical top with a deep round neckline perfectly accentuates the luxurious chest and focuses attention on the slim waist. The top of the outfit is decorated with fancy print in the form of fiery white flashes, reminiscent of the colorful brushstrokes on the canvases of famous artists.

The bottom image is in harmony with the level of catchiness to the top. Skinny pants with high waist emphasize the smooth lines of the shape of the model and stretched silhouette. The vivid print of coral, yellow, green, orange and other colors absorbed all of the colored strokes, sweeping labels, and even the image of red lips on her right ankle of a celebrity.

The final detail of the image became Archie scarlet sandals with pointed toe, decorated with wide ribbon elegantly tied in bows around the ankles. Richie gathered blond hair in a ponytail and used a make in peach pink and nudewww pink-beige lipstick.

Accessories was neat gold Hoop earrings, which added a catchy image of sophistication and “breathed” is a classic.

София Ричи подчеркнула фигуру эффектным аутфитом