Sofia Rotaru has published an archival photo with her husband

The legendary Ukrainian singer, Sofia Rotaru, published a photo with her deceased husband, who died about seventeen years ago. In the picture the singer and her husband are in the middle of the field, and smile.

София Ротару опубликовала архивную фотографию с супругом

The man left the light in 2002, but Sofia Rotaru continues to love him, and together with the photograph which she posted recently, she told about their relationship to him seventeen years later.

The woman was married only once, and called her husband Anatoly Evdokimenko. Together they promoted the career of Sofia, and was happily married. The couple had only one son, Ruslan.

However, fate brought them intrigues, and in 2002, the man had a stroke, and all the people close to, and in particular, Sofia Rotaru, very hard suffered this loss. Seventeen years later, the singer remained faithful to him and has not remarried. And when they have some important date, publish photos with captions that are dedicated to him. In 2018 it would be fifty years from the beginning of their life together as a married couple.