Sokolova ironically ridiculed the results Tzemach Russia

Соколова иронично высмеяла выдачу Цемаха России

The controversial TV presenter Yanina Sokolova, again launched a sparkling kick to the side of the Russian Federation and Putin’s puppets. She claims that the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, very cynical, and she was finally convinced after his decision to exchange prisoners only after the return of Vladimir Tzemach.

A girl has her own show on You Tube, and there she discusses the major events of the country since that time. It is there stated that, Vladimir tzemach, was probably himself against being returned to Russia, because he is afraid that it will just eliminate, as it did with Aleksandrovym and Yerofeyev, which gave the Russian side in exchange for Nadiya Savchenko. But, according to Yanina Sokolova, as always happens in the Kremlin, the opinion of the Tzemach no one even udosuzhilsya to ask.

The girl on his show joking that Vladimir tzemach, so did not want to leave Ukraine, that clung to the Wallpaper in the colony. But, it was an ultimatum, Vladimir Putin, otherwise, the exchange would be delayed for another few years.

As you know, Vladimir tzemach was the main suspect in the case of the downed Boeing on the territory of the occupied Donbas in 2014. And the government of the Russian Federation, fears that Vladimir tzemach surrender their guts, which will lead to tougher sanctions against the country.

Also, Yanina Sokolova said that in Russia, in exchange, no one even noticed. If Ukraine is the main theme for the week, in Russia, the main theme is the opening of the new pavilion at the VDNKH. With sarcasm the girl says.

Because in truth, when returning prisoners of war, at the airport Borispol he was met by Ukrainian activists, relatives of the government, Vladimir Zelensky arrived. But in Russia, even the relatives were informed that the prisoners be returned.