Solar Eclipse in December is a threat: how to protect yourself

Eclipses are quite rare but extremely dangerous events that bring to our life problems and troubles. In December we will have just one of them. Astrologers will tell you what to do to avoid troubles.

Солнечное затмение в декабре несет угрозу: как уберечься

Try to explore all possible aspects of the influence of the moon and Sun on our lives in this day not to come across problems.

Features in the Eclipse December 2019
We expect a annular solar Eclipse that will take place on December 26. The moon gets between the earth and the Sun, covering his light. An annular Eclipse means that the Moon will be at a fairly great distance from Earth, so its disc won’t cover the Sun and will be in it. The earth will be in partial shade, so strong the temporary blackout will not.
In Russia it is partially solar Eclipse can be observed in Siberia, in the southern Urals and the far East. And though you see him everywhere, its energetic impact on the world will be felt everywhere.

The advice of astrologers, concerning the Eclipse in December
This time the Eclipse will occur in Capricorn. This means that it will be held under the auspices of the Earth element. This negative combination, which can be a lot of trouble in Finance.
The first thing to remember is the need a positive energy home. For this you need to have time to clean up in the morning or on the eve of the 25th. It’s time to throw out the clutter, restore order in the workplace, if you work at home.
26 Dec we are in for major difficulties in relationships with people. The Eclipse in Capricorn is always a big risk for those who do not choose expressions, and focused on himself. Selfish behavior should not become provocative. At the same time, you need to learn to say “no” in this day not to waste time on what is important to others.
Very dangerous feelings and emotions will be envy, jealousy, resentment. In a love relationship it can supply lovers in a very awkward position. If at the time of the Eclipse on the 26th you have already been a crack in relations, it is better not to provoke scandals.

In the financial sector will act fairly standard, but very important advice of astrologers. Experts advise not to spend a lot of money that day, not to make even a small hasty purchases. Some problems can cause joint business. In those days, people are prone to benefit from almost all. Will flourish the deceit and cheating.
One big plus of an upcoming solar Eclipse will be the fact that its effects will not last for several days or even weeks. We need to suffer just one day and on the 27th it’ll be back to normal.