Solar panels help to provide a high-rise building hot water: how it works

Солнечные панели помогут обеспечить многоэтажки горячей водой: как это работает

— When in 2008 I told family and associates that he intends to create a solar collector (a device for collecting and using energy from the sun) of his own design and build it production, they smiled skeptically and said, “Eccentric people”, — told the “FACTS” a scientist from Kharkov Alexander Sogokon heads he created scientific-production enterprise Syneko. — Important fact: it was supposed that the development of Paleostrovsky I will invest your money. I should say that I more than a dozen years he studied science at the Kharkiv national University named Karazin. In the early 1990s, has created his own company working in various fields of business. According to, but in 2008 decided to throw all the forces on solar installations, as they are the future. A long period, we only invested in the development of solar installations, earning her a penny. A couple of years ago finally went to zero. And only now began to obtain a small profit. The prospects are good: the exhibition of innovative technologies, held in early November in Kiev, we signed with the Finnish company a Protocol of intentions for the organization in Ukraine serial production of our units.

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“The installation was very easy — just 145 pounds”

— What are their features?

One of the most important — they are not afraid of strong winds, — continues Alexander. — Traditional solar collectors concentrators are continuous mirror surface, so have more windage. When you start to blow strong wind, these plants can not withstand their pressure and filled up. I figured out how to mitigate this threat: designed collector consisting of a set of mirror plates, which are located from each other at a distance. Due to this, the wind passes through the reservoir, as through the trees, nearly unopposed.

Fishnet design has the advantage that the installation was very easy — just 145 pounds. So it can be mounted anywhere, such as on the roofs of houses — installation will not fail.

Another distinctive feature of our manifold — high performance. It is due to the fact that automation, which is equipped with the installation, monitors the movement of the sun throughout the day. This allows you to adjust the position of the reflecting plates so that they were always deployed to the sun and collect the maximum possible amount of energy.

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— Using your plant produced electricity?

Linear concentrators are designed to heat water. Their capacity of eight kilowatts and light day can heat about two tons of water to 50 degrees. The scheme is this: the rays are concentrated on the container with the coolant that delivers the heat to the tank-thermos with water. For residents of a private house of this supply of water will last for seven to ten days.

— Water cools down during this period?

— No. Thanks to good insulation of the tank it cools down only two or three degrees a day.

As for electricity, steam and cold, they can be obtained using a different kind of our hub, made in the form of rings.

To generate electricity this installation must be equipped with a Stirling engine (it converts thermal energy into electrical energy. — Ed.). If you need to steam, our ring-shaped hub should be equipped with steam boiler.

— And if you want to chill?

For this, we used a special tube, which I jokingly call “magic wand”. It generates very powerful sound is 160 dB! This is a real sound storm. But he’s locked in the tube, outside not covered. If you stand next to sound you will not hear. In this tube used the laws of termoacustici. It can help to not only the cold but also electricity.

Солнечные панели помогут обеспечить многоэтажки горячей водой: как это работаетAlexander Sogokon: “Tube in the middle of this installation converts solar energy into cold.” Photo by the author

— Your settings are already applied in practice?

Yes, we have completed several pilot orders in different regions of Ukraine: our solar collectors work in the cottages, farm and woodworking enterprise (for drying wood).

They can also be used for heating (especially efficient system “warm floor”), to heat water in swimming pools, as well as thawing (e.g., sidewalks).

“Our collectors are fully Autonomous — they do not need to connect to the socket”

— An important point. Our units are fully Autonomous — they do not need plugging in, — says Alexander. — Therefore, rescue workers, geologists, builders, farmers have the sense to take them with you on distant objects. By the way, now we are in installation of high power (12.5 kW) on wheels, which can be used as drying berries, fruits, vegetables, grains and other things.

Солнечные панели помогут обеспечить многоэтажки горячей водой: как это работаетSolar concentrators from EcoGen America in New Jersey has already heated the water for several cottages, farms and woodworking enterprises

— For what period of time pay off your solar panels?

— The customer one of our installation costs in four to five thousand dollars (the price varies depending on the complexity of its on-site installation). Money be repaid in two to three years.

— These settings can be used for hot water supply of apartment houses?

Yes. I calculated that if three or four collector place on the roof of Khrushchev, they will provide a floor (20 apartments) with hot water. Equipment of high-rise buildings solar collectors will pay for itself in three to three and a half years.

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