Some Cabinet Ministers can’t support a family on his salary

Cabinet Minister Dmitry Dubilet said about the needs of individual Ministers in improving wages.

Некоторые министры Кабмина не могут содержать семьи на свою зарплату

According to Dubilet, some Ministers asking for salary increment due to the fact that not all of them have a “financial cushion”, it is difficult for them to support their families.

“I can tell — in fact, now among the Ministers and Deputy Ministers many talks about what they are asking for a big salary, official salary, of course, because in fact many of them came from the private sector,” began the Minister of the Cabinet.

Dubilet explains that the Ministers who came from the private sector understand that working for yourself, not the state, they could get ten times more to live in prosperity and to support the family. While the Dubilet has the opportunity to earn your business.

They see that in the private sector they could get there, I don’t know, 10, 20 times more than now. And they are really hard to support their families. Unfortunately, not all Ministers have such a financial cushion, as I have, for example, and some other colleagues. Therefore, it is really have quite such a difficult discussion, ” said Dubilet.

The situation is difficult, says Dmitry Dubilet. So on the one hand there are certain people who should bring in the government team, but they can’t go to the wages that they can offer the state.

On the other hand, Dubilet understands that to increase their salaries is also impossible, since at the minimum of patches it will look bad.