Some foods will strengthen immunity in the autumn

About how to eat right in the fall, was told by the nutritionist Victor tutelian.

Какие продукты укрепят иммунитет осенью

To keep the immune system in the fall, you need to lean on fruits and vegetables — always fresh, which remained after the summer season. And canned and frozen to keep for the future.

— While it is possible, you need to eat vegetables and fruits, and fresh — said tutelian.

You also need to take vitamin-mineral complex, says the doctor. And, of course, it is important not to overeat and to exercise.

— There is a need in accordance with their energy consumption. If you spend a lot of energy, need to eat more. This is the first law of the science of food! — said the medic.

According to him, sedentary life, if you spend much time at the computer or TV, women need 1.8 thousand kcal, and the man — about 2 thousand.

— If you have more, you’ll get fat. Now almost 60% are overweight and obese. It’s a disgrace, — said the expert.

Obesity, as we know, creates an increased risk for the occurrence of many diseases, including cancer. You need to remember that obesity and inflammation often go together.