Some Russian food can be bought in the US and how much they cost: personal experience

Author channel Kuzminatravel on “Yandex.Zen” is a professional traveler who has visited more than 40 countries. The girl had lived in California for 3 years and talks about what products she lacked and what can be found in Russian grocery stores in America. Hereinafter in the first person.

Какие русские продукты можно купить в США и сколько они стоят: личный опыт

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After a month of living in America I got bored on our products. Many of the products in the standard shops are unfamiliar to us taste, but many not find the.

Because in California a lot of Russian, there are Russian shops, where you can find all what we are used to.

Will explain more about this, and at the end of the article will publish prices.

Despite the fact that I was living in Russian-speaking area, we had our own shop. Although small, sell everything. However, it is expensive. Candy any in bulk will cost $10 a pound (0.45 kg).

Then you have a homemade pastry, mackerel, herring, chocolates. And are business cards, they can put any visitor and to promote your business. As they say — your for their.

In any national magazine (such is the Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese, Turks and other foreigners) have their own café where you can eat or order a ready-meal. To do this, it is not only immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

In the same store sells nesting dolls, icons, books, Newspapers, sweets, sprats, pickled cucumbers. And almost always a queue.

In Los Angeles our stores much. For example, in Hollywood there is a whole street with our stores, agencies, beauty salons, restaurants and baths.

There is a hypermarket. It prices much lower than in small shops. After talking with the salesman of the supermarket, I learned that they have their production, which bake bread, make sausage, dumplings, cheese, etc pelmeni, vareniki, khinkali, pasties own production, sell and other small shops.

A huge selection of chocolates and cost about 1.5-2 times cheaper than in small shops. There are beer and soda. Where do without caviar: even a refrigerator called, respectively, “Life is beautiful”.

The sausage Department here is huge, because in ordinary shops is not our usual boiled sausage and sausages tasteless. Ice cream is much tastier than American, which I think is too sweet.

Frozen cakes sell for $25. Our bread, incidentally, also sell frozen.

To be honest, I am a year later stopped to go to American stores, in addition to the farm and organic, preferred our, Chinese, and Japanese.

The prices of some our products:

  • Dumplings — from $6 per 450 g
  • Bread — $3
  • Cheese curds — from $0,75
  • Zephyr “Sharmel” — $5,5
  • Packaging “Bears bear” — $5,6
  • Buckwheat — from $2 to $5
  • Condensed milk — $3
  • Cookies jubilee — $3
  • Gingerbread cookies — $2
  • Beer “Baltika” — $2
  • Red caviar — $10
  • Black — $100
  • Cheese — $4
  • Yogurt — $3

Branded brands imported from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and other former USSR countries. Many products are made in Europe (Poland, Latvia, Germany). But most of the products are made in the image and likeness of domestic small factories directly to the United States.

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