Some schools in Canada will allow students to be absent in connection with the environmental demonstration (PHOTO)

Некоторые школы Канады разрешат ученикам прогулять в связи с экологической манифестацией (ФОТО)

Starting this Friday, students from Canada are expected to participate in the events organized in the framework of the campaign against climate change, and some school boards tend to allow, and even encourage, them to miss classes for this reason.

The University of British Columbia, the Regional school Board of Toronto and Montreal Dawson College (Montreal’s Dawson College) are among the organizations officially taking action to support students who plan to go to the rally in the global call to action.

The protests, dubbed the Global Climate Strike, timed to the Summit of the United Nations on climate change in new York next week.

The movement is partially inspired by a Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg (Greta Thunberg), which has staged weekly demonstrations in the past year, under the hashtag FridaysForFuture, urging world leaders to intensify efforts to combat climate change.

In the list on the website lists more than 100 climate demonstrations planned in Canada, including activities in all 10 provinces and two territories.

Thunberg announced on Facebook last week that next Friday, September 27, she will come to Montreal to participate in the March.