Some women have an increased risk of strokes and heart attacks

Women suffering from PMS, three times more likely to experience high blood pressure, a leading cause of strokes and heart attacks. Most strongly this dependence manifests itself in women in the age group younger than 40 years.

У каких женщин повышен риск инсультов и инфарктов

That premenstrual syndrome (PMS) in women contributes to the development of hypertension, which in turn is associated with an increased risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease, according to the data obtained by scientists from the University of Massachusetts. For 20 years they watched all the changes in the health of 3500 women.

Of the observed women, one third suffered from PMS. The researchers stated that women with this syndrome the risk of being a victim of hypertension was 40% higher than women of the same age not suffering from PMS. Especially notable is the dependency between premenstrual syndrome and high probability of high blood pressure was in women under 40 years: in the age group the presence of PMS increased the risk of hypertension 3 times.

The mechanisms that define the relationship of PMS, high blood pressure and the likelihood of suffering from a stroke or heart attack, scientists have not been clarified. Presumably the emergence of such chains affects the condition of the blood vessels.

PMS — premenstrual syndrome — occurs over 2-10 days before menstruation. Due to changes in hormonal sphere in this period, the proportion of women experiencing a number of adverse symptoms. PMS has more than 150 possible symptoms: this change of food habits, swelling, bloating, headaches, nausea and vomiting, as well as multiple psycho-emotsionalnye symptoms.