Someone advised Gamito Singh to “cut” the turban (PHOTO)

Некто посоветовал Джагмиту Сингху «срезать» тюрбан (ФОТО)

The debate about religious symbols continue to divide voters in Quebec, and the leader of the NDP Jagmeet Singh also faced with this problem when he was told to remove turban during a stop in Montreal as part of its campaign.

Singh welcomed buyers during a walk in the Atwater market on Wednesday morning when he was approached by a man who gave him unsolicited advice about his appearance.

“You know what? whispered man Singh. – You would need to cut off your turban and the [inaudible] you look canadian”.

“Oh, I think Canadians look different. That’s the beauty of Canada,” politely said Singh with a smile.

The man muttered something else Singh, what the politician said: “I disagree, sir.”

“In a strange monastery with its regulations do not go”, – said the stranger.

What the leader of the NDP said, “Yes, but this is Canada. You can do as you like”, then left.

The exchange had happened a few minutes after a press conference at the market, where Singh said that the discrimination “whole life” pursuit, where he, who happened to live in different canadian cities, may be.

“We have a wonderful city with friendly and inviting people, but in all these cities, everywhere in Canada, also regularly encountered racism, he said. And many have to face problems associated with who they are and I experienced that himself and face prejudice as many Canadians”.

Later Singh commented on the meeting in the Atwater market on Twitter.

“Many Canadians say that they should change themselves to be successful. My message to all of you, be yourself and be proud of who you are. We are all so different,” he wrote on Twitter in the comments to the video.