‘Something breaks’: how changing our people after moving to the United States

I have many friends who moved from Russia to America, the author writes the channel’s “Young Columbus” “Yandex Zen”. The last time to call them turns out less frequently, and to see them I do not hope…

'Их что-то ломает': как меняются наши люди после переезда в США

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But even on the phone it is clear that with them something not so, something in them has changed. I thought a lot and talked with those who remained in Russia. And a few things that “break” Russian in America, we found.


At first glance it is not clear what I’m talking about when you reported that the Americans closed the people. Kind of like the opposite. We from the North, we make bears drink vodka, and they sunbathe on the beaches of Sunny California and enjoy life.

But this is not true. Yes, Russians are cautious of strangers and unwelcoming, and the Americans, on the contrary, strive to communicate with each. But when it comes to intimacy, then everything gets turned on its head.

We treat friends as family, all talk and worry about each other. And Americans are cold and closed towards the close.

Even if a person has problems and you ask “How are you?”, it is nothing but “right,” will not hear. We have the same exactly the opposite.

The cult of consumption

Yes, the last time borders are erased and we are adopting more and more Western models of behavior, but the fact remains. In Russia there is no such cult of consumption, as in America.

Life in the credit and receive instant gratification. Yes, it’s all about America. We have always been more restrained and reasonable.

Easy life loan draws, but there is no turning back…


At this point it is possible to talk immediately about two things. First, Americans are obsessed with health and fitness. Anyone who is not even involved in sports, consider their duty to take pictures in the gym or on the treadmill. A little false…

And on the other hand, due to saturation of information and the constant changes in society, psychological health, Americans suffer more than the Russians.

Often in the big cities of America you can meet crazy and homeless people. And they are all from normal families, some even had a job. That’s just “the attic” don’t go there…

Here are a few of the reasons why Russians in America “broken”. And what reason do you know?