‘Something terrible happened’: the leaders of the three countries blame Iran in a random hit by a missile in Ukrainian liner

The US President Donald trump said he doubts that the Ukrainian Boeing 737, crashed in Iran, crashed due to technical problems. He was supported by the Prime Ministers of Canada and great Britain.

'Произошло нечто ужасное': лидеры трех стран винят Иран в случайном попадании ракеты в украинский лайнер

Photo: Facebook/The White House

“Well, I have my suspicions. I don’t want to say it, because other people have their suspicions. Someone could make a mistake on the side… Not ours. We here at anything” — quoted trump’s “Medusa”.

The US President noted that the plane was flying at “pretty adverse circumstances.” “Some say it was a mechanical [failure]. Personally I don’t believe it’s not even a question,” said trump.

He added that it is not aware whether there was a Ukrainian plane shot down accidentally or deliberately. According to him, the cause of the crash will be known after decoding the “black boxes” of the liner.

“Something terrible has happened, very devastating,” he concluded his speech trump.

With Donald trump has agreed to the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, BBC reports.

“We have evidence from multiple sources that the plane was shot down by an Iranian missile. It probably was done by mistake,” said Justin Trudeau. In the crash killed 63 canadian citizen.

Trudeau said that Canada requires answers to questions that arise in connection with the crash of the Boeing. The government of Canada will not rest until I get these answers, said the Prime Minister. He called for full investigation of the tragedy.

After Trudeau, a similar statement was made by Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

“There is a set of information that the plane was shot down Iranian missiles “earth-air”. It probably was not the intention,” said Boris Johnson.

Shortly before the speech of Donald trump, numerous American media reported, citing unnamed US officials that the plane “Ukraine International airlines” was shot down by an Iranian missile fired from anti-aircraft missile complex “Thor”.

Detected signal

RBC writes that the U.S. authorities have information that crashed near Tehran Ukrainian Boeing 737 was mistakenly downed by Iranian armed forces.

The representative of the Pentagon and the American and the Iraqi intelligence services reported that, according to them, the aircraft was struck by anti-aircraft missile system. The liner fell shortly after Iran attacked us bases in Iraq and an air defense system of the country at this moment prepared to reflect the possible retaliation of the U.S. air force. Three sources in the American administration told Newsweek that the plane could be shot down by the system “tor — M1”, standing in service with the Iranian army. About the same say three sources to Reuters.

CBS correspondent Chris van Cleve in his Twitter said, citing its own sources, that “the US authorities are sure that Ukrainian plane was shot down by Iran”. According to his interlocutors, the U.S. intelligence spotted the signal running radar in the area. From the satellite, in turn, the U.S. intelligence spotted two flashes that were allegedly marks the launch of the missile complex “tor — M1”. Information about American intelligence spotted the missile launch confirmed by Reuters.

The CBS also published a story in which there are holes on the wings of the crashed Boeing. These openings, which may be the traces of destruction of the plane by the missile, according to CBS, cast doubt on the version of the crash on technical reasons.

That the cause of the crash “Ukraine International airlines” (UIA) in Tehran could become a missile fired from anti-aircraft missile system, earlier it was announced by the Ukrainian authorities. The Secretary of national security and defense Alex Danilov called this script in other versions of the crash. He also talked about the fact that the missiles could be fired from the set of “Thor”.

Iran refutes the possibility that the cause of the crash could become a missile. The head of the Department respond to emergency events civil aviation Organization of Iran Hasan Rezaifar said that this version is excluded because pilots tried to return the car to the airport after a problem occurs, the Agency IRNA. He stressed that the military coordinate with civil aviation, which eliminates the possibility of accidental destruction of the plane with a rocket. Also, the official reported that the wreckage of anti-aircraft missiles in the area was found.

The collapse of Boeing Ukrainian occurred just a few hours after Iran struck a rocket attack on two American military bases in Iraq.

Against the background of tensions between Iran and the United States that emerged after the death of an Iranian General in Iraq during the American air strike, Tehran has declared that it will not pass the black boxes of the crashed plane, Boeing or American representatives.

According to international rules, Iran has the right to investigate independently, but usually in such cases is involved and the manufacturer of the crashed plane.

ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • The aircraft of Ukrainian airlines crashed in the morning of 8 January. At 6:13 local time, he flew from the international airport of Tehran to Kiev. Boeing 737-800 passenger managed to climb to an altitude of 8000 ft (2438 m), then the information about its location disappeared from the radar screen of the controller. The pilots did not convey message about the emergency on Board. A few minutes after takeoff the plane crashed.
  • The government of Ukraine has banned the Ukrainian airlines to fly over Iran.

  • The life stories of Ukrainians who died in the plane crash in Iran read our material.

  • January 9, the Ukrainian official said that the country is considering a missile strike by Russia, as one of several possible causes of the crash of Ukrainian passenger plane.