‘Sometimes longing, but the return was not thinking’: how to live the Russian, moved to the US in 65 years

The author of the channel “SHO THERE OVER the HILL” on “Yandex.Zen” tells about life in America, about the interesting moments of their stories and the stories of their friends who also live in the States. In Miami, the author met with an elderly woman Polina Mikhailovna, who lives in America for over 20 years and moved here from Russia in the 90s with her husband. At the time of moving she was already an elderly woman, but not afraid of difficulties in a new country and not afraid of change.

'Иногда тоскую, но вернуться не думала': как живет россиянка, переехавшая в США в 65 лет

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This story is a good example for those who whines and is afraid to go to America, saying he can’t adapt or that, well, it’s too late: “who do I need there going to be?” the author writes of the channel.

Further — on behalf of the heroine.

In the USSR we lived pretty well and we almost all arranged, sometimes, of course, was hard, but overall life was great. But the 1990s were for us hell was very scary to be in the country when it is happening — robberies, gangsters, racketeering, and so on. Then a lot of kids my sisters went into another world.

We first not really thought about to leave the country, but then I accidentally read it somewhere that you can go to America. We have there lived my cousin, and we were able to contact her. In the end, at her invitation, we came to America, to Miami, and later was able to arrange political asylum is not without the help of the sisters.

When I first arrived, I thought that we like in Paradise — the street is very warm, the air is clean and the ocean just steps away. Miami was really a nice town, but we, as migrants, it was very hard at first to live in it.

Though we helped my sister move to America, financial we of course had to provide ourselves, and therefore I have no absolute knowledge of English got a job as a dishwasher in a deli, earning no more than $2500 per month, and my husband got a job as a track driver (truck driver) — he better my English was, he studied at the school, and I’m German.

Pay a little, my husband a little more, enough for housing (about $700) and food, even a little to save could.

In a few years my husband left me. Was seriously ill, and the elderly have been, and virtually all the savings had to pay for his treatment, which did not help. One was heavier, the sister also went to another world, so to really appeal to anyone.

8 years I was interrupted from one job to another because I was elderly, and education was not to at least somewhere to work and earn with dignity.

I have a pension because I wasn’t working legally, is small — about $650 (sometimes the numbers change).

I live in a small social housing for which I pay $150 (utilities included). This amount I’m paying for the separate small apartment with living room and bedroom. The remaining $500 to me easy enough to products, communication and electricity, or on something else if you want.

Also Polina Mikhailovna told how her day.

Despite the fact that I have lived enough abroad and any my views about life have changed, I’m still a Christian. Sometimes I go to the Russian Orthodox Church, which I by the way was very helpful when I was hard.

In the morning, when you Wake up, and I get up early — 6-7 hours, I pray and read the Bible. I think that faith has allowed me to go through all the difficulties that I have encountered in America.

In our center we have Breakfast and dinner, and the rest yourself, if we have the money. If there is no money, we send once a week or two a big box with products that we then can choose.

By the way, I love to bake bread, so I bought a simple bread, if I am not mistaken, for $60.

The breakfasts are very tasty — can standard choose some healthy porridge and drink tea with scones or something else. Often bring candies and various meat products. All this brings and ensures that any shop that takes patronage over us. They bring to us products, prepare them, and that they help us, they get various tax advantages.

After Breakfast, we drove the bus to a place where we can walk or go to the store to buy something, if needed. In a month I spend on food is not very much, of $ 200-300. Buy what you want — pasta, cheese, meat, something of milk, sometimes I take the sweet, but not too much, not to spoil health.

Then we return back to the center and take a walk in the Park. With us walk doctors, who monitor our health, you never know — someone will fall or will be hot, because Miami is pretty hot.

Usually the elderly play chess or read books/newspaper, there are various other games which I do not understand how to play. Sometimes I like to read, but most of all — communicate with your friends.

Once a week comes to me a doctor who called first, asking if there are complaints, and then comes to give recommendations and prescribe treatment, gives the recipe for obtaining free medicines.

In the evening we with girlfriends go out from the center, sit in a local bus and go to the coast, where we love to walk, especially in recent times — when it is winter and not so hot. The ocean, by the way, the same warm and it quietly bathed people. Basically, my friends and chatting on various topics.

Once a week we go to the street cafes, to eat and to listen to yet unknown artists. Very often you meet there Russian visitors, or even musicians, some of them we communicate very well to this day.

In the evening, at 8 o’clock I returned to the center. Watching TV — some show about animals, the news does not like to watch too sometimes gets scared. I really want to connect to Russian TV channels, see what and how is happening at home.

Indeed, despite the fact that I am in USA, my heart is still in Russia and when I was living in a rented apartment, I connected the Russian television and watched some shows there.

Over 20 years in America I have never showed some best friends with whom I could talk all day, of course, I have many friends here, but those that I could, say, trust — no.

Sometimes it becomes very sad at home but I have never had the thought to go back to Russia. Firstly, not the fact that I will take, and secondly, I am satisfied with everything here.

The original column published in the blog “THERE SHO OVER the HILL” on “Yandex.Zen”.

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