Son Elizabeth Hurley called the most seductive star successor

Yesterday, the network discussed the next rating People magazine, according to which the sexiest living men recognized the 40-year-old John legend. The singer went to the Lavra and the main cover edition, but there are other winners. So, in the nomination “the Most sexual star heir” winner was 17-year-old son Elizabeth Hurley Damian.

Сына Элизабет Херли назвали самым соблазнительным звездным наследником

A young man who has long attracted the attention of the public, bypassed in this category of 23-year-old son of Pamela Anderson, Brandon Thomas and 21-year-old son of Sean combs Christian.

The finals were also 27-year-old son of Meg Ryan and Jack 24-year-old son of Daniel day-Lewis, Gabriel-Kane. But for Damian, who was the youngest among the contestants, People readers gave the most votes.

Users on the network only child Elizabeth Hurley is remembered primarily for his spectacular images. So, this summer, he appeared at one event in a jacket with pins from Versace — chosen outfit was a reference to the famous image of his mother in a similar dress with pins.

In addition, Damian actively tries himself in the role of models and since September of last year cooperating with the Agency Tess Management. In July of this year, he starred in ads for the makeup Pat McGrath.

Damian is often compared to his famous mother, however, he himself gives a reason for that, repeating it or making similar pictures. The celebrity offspring was much discussion and network users. Many have criticized the young man for being too feminine, and long hair, but others support Damien and wish him all the luck in the world of fashion and beauty industry.