Son Gary Lineker nearly killed in Africa (photos)

Сына Гари Линекера едва не убили в Африке (фото)

Famous ex-striker of Tottenham, Barcelona and England’s Gary Lineker (the third scorer in team history after Wayne Rooney and Bobby Charlton), working on the BBC football commentator and host of TV show Match of the Day, said his 25-year-old son Harry was nearly killed while filming a movie about football in Africa.

“He was in Sierra Leone, worked on the second leg of the selection of the 2022 world Cup qualifier between Sierra Leone and Liberia, where the hosts won 1:0, but failed to pass the opponent in the aggregate. There they filmed the fans, the locker room and everything that happened behind the scenes.

In General, my Harry nearly lost his life, it was quite scary. Sierra Leone had to score another goal, then they would have passed on the away-goals rule. At the last minute the player missed that opportunity, not implementing a penalty kick, the whistle sounded. And then riots broke out, fans ran onto the field, threw stones.

Harry stood next to the operator. When the crowd flooded the field, they separated, Harry ran into the tunnel in an attempt to escape. There came fans — 50 or 60 people — and attacked him. They tore his clothes, took the phone and pulled out all of the pockets. He’s only got cigarettes. Harry was terrified.

Then he saw the knife and thought of his now slaughtered. Son of bullet rushed to the armed guard with a shield. This guy rescued Harry and took him to the room where the son sat for a long time.

I found out about this yesterday evening and half the night I couldn’t sleep. With my son everything is in order, it has returned home. It was the last day of filming.

Сына Гари Линекера едва не убили в Африке (фото)

25-year-old Harry Lineker during filming in Africa

The incident shows just how fragile our children’s lives. I just thought for a moment that under certain circumstances it could have turned out differently.

Harry okay. He has no phone with him, so he called me via FaceTime and said, “Dad, I’m fine. It terrified me, but I’m fine,” — said the 58-year-old Gary Lineker.

Сына Гари Линекера едва не убили в Африке (фото)

Lineker Jr. with Lionel Messi

By the way, Gary Lineker is famous not only for his football achievements (for example, for more than 600 games in professional football, he has not received a single yellow or red card!), but its catch phrase,”football is played by 22 individuals, and the Germans win”.

By the way, last year when the German team was relegated from the elite division of the League of Nations, Lineker did not miss the chance to laugh at themselves. “Whoever said that football is 22 people play, and the Germans always win, doesn’t get it and should be downgraded in class” — wrote Lineker on Twitter.


Photo harry_lineker/Instagram

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