Son Megan Fox bullied in school for the love of girlish dresses

Many star parents in Hollywood welcome the desire of their children to Express themselves. Megan Fox, for example, exactly refers to the lush dresses and bright hair 6-year-old son. That’s just not the same age in awe of extravagant style boy.

Сына Меган Фокс травят в школе за любовь к девичьим платьям

On 19 September the mother of three children Megan Fox visited the shooting of the American show The Talk. There is 33-year-old star of “Transformers” told about their older son Noah, who was seriously fond of dresses and skirts. Megan calmly took their son’s interest in the outfits of disney princesses, and even allowed him to dye my hair loves the color pink.

As smoothly to the passion of the son was treated and the husband of Megan actor Brian Austin green. In one interview he said that the child isn’t hurting anyone with their dresses, so let them carry on health.

However, despite the fact that Fox sent their son to school, where there is a liberal mores, peer groups really hounded the poor man Noah. When 6-year-old boy returned home after school, Megan cautiously asked how the guys reacted to his fancy dress.

Fox did not score extra closet Noa shirts and pants. Instead, she explained to him that the need to maintain confidence and not to pay attention to the insults and mockery.

The star also shared the observation that their son’s interest in fashion is quite serious. The boy, according to his stellar mom, in the future can become a designer.

“He is very talented, draws sketches of the new outfits. However, he’s only six. When I tried on a very beautiful yellow dress, he draped it seemed like my diaper” — with a laugh said the actress.
We add that 6-year-old Noah is not alone in his passion for girlish outfits. Similar views are held Sammy, a 10-year-old son of Naomi watts and Jackson, 7-year-old offspring of Charlize Theron.