“Son of a bitch”: the controversial Neymar marked a return to PSG wonder goal (video)

«Сукин сын»: скандальный Неймар отметил возвращение в «ПСЖ» голом-шедевром (видео)

The controversial striker “Paris Saint-Germain” and Brazilian national team Neymar (and at the same time the most expensive player in the world!), which, it seems, until the closure of the transfer window, believed that he would be able to move into the former home of Barcelona, a comeback Saturday, September 14, at the stadium “Parc des princes”.

Despite the fact that the fans of the Paris club was unhappy with the Brazilian’s return and booed him before the match of the championship of France with “Strasbourg”, chanting “Neymar — son of a bitch”, that’s 10 first number brought the “Paris St Germain” victory (1:0).

Already in injury time Neymar after a pass from flank a gorgeous shot sent the ball into the goal opponent.

“Everyone knew that I wanted to go. I said and repeated it. Don’t want to go into details. I turned the page. I’m a player “PSG” and now I will leave all their forces on the field”, — quotes Neymar GFFN.

Ironically, it is in the match of the Cup of France against Strasbourg in January 2019 Neymar broke his leg and permanently incapacitated.

Note that after five rounds PSG with 12 points in the standings, French League 1 first.

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