Son of Tina Karol artist will never be

10-year-old Ukrainian pop star Tina Karol Benjamin is already a very independent young man — he lives and studies in England, where making good progress.

Сын Тины Кароль артистом никогда не будет

But, of course, mother and son miss each other so all the holidays, the boy holds in Ukraine, recently my mom visited Lviv, where had a fun time. The venue even gave my first interview! While his famous mother confessed to Katya Osadchaya in the “high life” that the son brought her to tears.

According to the artist, with age, the boy began to appreciate time spent together.

“We were in Lviv, went to knight’s restaurant, where we were treated to. He pulled out the sword, Arthur said that he was a knight and so on. And dumplings, and sushi — what he only did not choose. You know, when he and your mom are so close, for him it is the steepest. Now he grew up and he begins me to do even more to ask, to be together more often,” explained Karol.

The singer added that her son is definitely already knows that the artist will never be — and explained why.

“Not exactly what he wants is to be an artist. And here’s a stone in my garden, for he says, “Artists are very rarely allowed to see their children,” said Tina admitted that these words of the son even cried.