Son of Tina Karol told us about the dream on the eve of the birthday

Exclusive in the magazine Viva! It published the first interview of the son of Tina Karol Benjamin and the photo of the singer, which was filmed in Los Angeles in the beautiful Antelope canyon. The photo shoot took in the magazine a record 12 pages photographer made Alina Simonenko. In Instagram Tina Karol has also published a “live cover” of the magazine — a video from the shooting an impressive photo shoot.

Сын Тины Кароль рассказал о мечте в канун дня рождения

Life in England, family foundations, joint travel, relationships mother and son, love, dreams and much more… All this in a double interview of Tina Karol and Benjamin Ogira. At a meeting with Viva! singer, TV presenter, actress Tina came with her 10-year-old son Benjamin. A rare stroke of luck, considering that the boy lives in England. Yes, and the ability to communicate not only with our heroine, but with her child – a real luck.

The first cover in the creative life of Tina Karol was in Viva! All of the most emotional and vivid moments of her life: wedding, birth of a son was the occasion for our meetings and interviews for the past 15 years. And we watched the twists and turns of the singer. It is logical that the first interview with the son of Tina appeared on the pages of the magazine Viva! New issue on sale from October 29.

Сын Тины Кароль рассказал о мечте в канун дня рождения

Benjamin Ogier about his friends in England: “I Have a lot of them: 50. I am never the main company. To me it is better to learn well than to be in charge. And I don’t want that. We have not decided that the company had someone in charge!”

On Hobbies: “After school I play drums and piano. I like the drums. Do fencing, Rugby, dance club in the Ukrainian hopak. After all the classes I want to play and have fun. With my friends I play a little bit online, I like it. Minecraft, Fortnite”.

What dreams birthday: “On your birthday I want my mum. And I want to be with her in Mauritius”.