Son Witherspoon was ridiculously like her mother

Fans of Reese Witherspoon was struck by a new photo grown-up son of actress — deacon. It is impossible not to notice that the young man was just ridiculously similar to the mother. If you remember that her daughter Ava could easily be mistaken for double Reese, it is not surprising that Witherspoon is, of course, in order of jokes, accused of “clone children.”

Сын Уизерспун стал до смешного похож на мать

New photo of the deacon, standing next to her, Reese posted on his page in the social Network on the occasion of an important milestone — my son turned 16 years old. “Happy birthday, guy whose smile makes every day better! You’re kind, funny and talented! I’m so happy that I have such a son!” — posted by Witherspoon.

Congratulated deacon and his older 20 year old sister Ava. She called it the “coolest little brother with a heart of gold” and admitted that he was proud of the fact that she’s his sister. Incidentally, a new photo with her son sparked a flood of compliments and address the most Reese, who looks much younger than his 43 years. “Is this your son? Can’t be! You just can’t be a child, that’s probably your younger brother!” — wrote one of the fans of the actress.

We recall that Ava and deacon – elder children Reese. Their Witherspoon had a baby with her first husband, actor Ryan Phillippe, with whom she lived in wedlock from 1999 to 2008. In addition to them, Reese has another child — a seven year-old son Tennessee. His father was the second husband of the actress, who was once her agent, Jim The. The wedding with him Witherspoon played in 2011.