Sookie Waterhouse is experiencing due to the collaboration of Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz

The shooting of “Batman” with her lover in the title role makes the model nervous.

Сьюки Уотерхаус переживает из-за совместной работы Роберта Паттинсона и Зои Кравиц

Zoe Kravitz was chosen for the role of Catwoman in the new Batman movie with Robert Pattinson in the lead role. As reported by RadarOnline, Pattinson has personally made efforts to ensure that Warner Brothers has signed a contract with Kravitz, and this fact had a negative impact on the relations of Robert with Sookie Waterhouse.

According to RadarOnline, the model feels that Robert is “too keen” desire to work with Kravitz, to which the role of the famous superzlodei auditioned Ana De Armas, Ella of Balinski and ACE Gonzalez. When Zoe adopted the role of cat-Woman, Pattinson reported with delight:

Zoe is gorgeous! I’ve been friends with her for over ten years. It has everything to brilliantly cope with their new role.

According to the insider, joint shooting of Robert and Zoe make Sookie pretty nervous.

Sookie knows that Pattinson and Kravitz are pretty close and they will work also in close format, because of this she feels insecure in the relationship. The fact that this summer, Zoe was married to actor Carl Glusman, Sookie is absolutely not reassuring. She also plans to be on the set. Of course, if they Pattinson will still be together,

— the source said.