Soon the auditors may knock on our door. What may the inspections carried out by them concern

Controls are starting. Who can be subordinate to them?

 Soon, the controllers may knock on our door. What may the inspections be about

According to the” Interia “portal, in 2023 inspections will start. announced by the General Office of Building Control. During the inspection, the inspectors are to check whether the type of heating declared in the Central Emission Register (hereinafter: CEEB) is consistent with the actual state.

Obligation to submit a declaration to CEEB

CEEB is a database that started operating last year. All property owners were asked to submit a declaration regarding the source of heating in their premises. The deadline for submitting them expired on June 30, 2021, although for partners it was extended until the end of September.

Persons who did not submit the said declaration must take into account a financial penalty of PLN 500. The General Building Control Authority points out that if we have not already done so, we can avoid the penalty if we manage to make up for this backlog in active regret before the mayor or president of the town learns about it.

 Soon the inspectors may knock on our door. What may the inspections be related to

CEEB is one of the components of the Integrated Low Emission Reduction System (hereinafter: ZONE). These solutions are to reduce the amount of smoke and fight smog.

Inspections will start in 2023

Inspections are to take place in the first quarter of next year, during which the credibility of the information contained in the declaration submitted by us will be checked, but not only. The technical condition of the building is to be assessed.

“As part of the next stage of CEEB, we would like to conduct a thermal energy audit of buildings, which would give a realistic picture of their current condition and allow for efficient definition of renovation and thermal modernization needs” – said Minister Waldemar Buda.

 Soon, our auditors may knock on our door. What may their inspections be about

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