Sophie Turner after the series “Game of thrones” will play in the film “to Survive”

Famous actress Sophie Turner starring in the TV series “Game of thrones” coming to a new role. The artist will create on the screen the image of a girl named Jane in the extremely topical tape “Survive” on the popular online service Quibi.

Софи Тернер после сериала «Игра престолов» сыграет в ленте «Выжить»

In the project, along with a celebrity involved actor Corey Hawkins, Director of the future of the series will make a mark. New kinoraboty will be removed on the novel of the same name, written by Alex Morelos. According to the story, the main characters survived the crash, all other passengers and crew members died. The young people interact with the purpose to return to civilization. At the same time she solves a personal problem, as previously she tried to get away from life.

Sophie Turner said that she got a complex character, as the heroine of tape looking for the strength to survive. However, Jane’s attempts to define its own source of courage and strength.