Sophie Turner zatrollit Joe Jonas in “the best day of his life”

Not so long ago actress Sophie Turner and musician Joe Jonas were married, which seemingly had become the best day of their lives. However, Joe apparently forgot about it. But do not worry, because a caring husband all reminded him.

Софи Тернер затроллила Джо Джонаса в «лучший день его жизни»

In his Instagram Joe posted a photo with his brothers Kevin and Nick Jonas. Jonas brothers are working on a project in conjunction with the brewery Coors Light, so men, too, can understand. What could be better than a vacation in between gigs?

On pictures happy brothers in the corporate Coors caps and goggles look great on a background of mountains.

Софи Тернер затроллила Джо Джонаса в «лучший день его жизни»

The best day of my life,

― wrote Joe in the description under the photo. And it is in vain, because his wife immediately found a witty response to this comment.

Oh really? The best day of your life? Interesting…

― joked Sophie Turner. Apparently, enthusiastic Jonas should be better written to reflect and remember their best day happened in July of this year.

In the comments of the fans of the couples appreciated the sense of humor of Sophie. Some even said that thought the same thing when I saw the review Joe. “I think someone’s going to sleep on the couch,” joked one of the subscribers. But definitely agree that such jokes in the relations of Joe and Sophie looks really very cute.