Sources of calcium to include in the diet


Calcium is needed not only for bone health – it is necessary for the heart and other muscles. So is a trace element that should be obtained daily.

Источники кальция, которые нужно включить в рацион

We all know from childhood that milk and cheese are rich in calcium and therefore healthy bones, teeth, nails and hair. And this, of course, makes sense, but you should know that dairy is not the only source of calcium.

Calcium is responsible for muscle contraction, as it provides the transmission of nerve impulses from the brain to the muscles. So it’s important daily to consume calcium rich foods. So, in one glass of milk contains 20% daily value of calcium. And to digest this calcium very well, thanks to the lactose and protein in milk. With cottage cheese the same story, the calcium from it is absorbed almost completely. Very rich in calcium cheese.

However, the richest source of calcium is eggshell. In the shell of one egg to double the rate of calcium, however, to use it not so simple. You need to carefully rinse and dry the shells and then grind it into flour, and the fraction should be very small, preferably close to the powder so the calcium is better absorbed and does not squeak on the teeth.

A lot of calcium contained in sesame seeds. 100 grams of sesame seeds daily value of calcium that is well absorbed by the body. Rich in calcium and sunflower seeds, so the seeds are clicking quite a useful habit. Calcium-rich fish, especially perch. It also contains a lot of soy, peas, buckwheat, spinach, and broccoli.

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