Southern California starts to come out of quarantine: what will change

Southern California is starting to look much more “normal” as soon as the crowd of people once again take to the beaches and open retail stores, despite the fact that a return to the old life, according to local officials, is not an option, writes the Business Insider.

Южная Калифорния начинает выходить из из карантина: что изменится

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May 26 County of Los Angeles, which recorded more than half of the deaths from the coronavirus in California, stepped forward to access all the stores (at half load) and to allow collection of up to 100 people in buildings intended for worship. It was also allowed to open flea markets.

“This is another important milestone for the County of Los Angeles, because, step by step, we begin to open our safe communities and the economy, — said the head of the press service of Hilda Solis. But the discovery does not mean a return to normal business”.

The average weekly number of deaths COVID-19 in the County of Los Angeles has fallen below 40, according to the Los Angeles Times, compared with 50.5 per the end of April. Since the beginning of the pandemic there were a little less than 2500 deaths.

But the progress of minor health officials announced 53 new deaths, may 27, at the same time, neighboring orange County has set a new record for the number of hospitalized.

Dr. Sara Cody, an employee of the County public health Santa Clara in Northern California, concerned that the southern neighbours are moving ahead too quickly.

In the day when Los Angeles decided to allow the large religious gatherings, she warned that it poses “very serious risk” to public health.

On may 27 she wrote on Facebook: “We are experiencing a global crisis the likes of which we haven’t seen since the Second world war.”

Comparing the pandemic with the forest fires that plagued California earlier, she said: “we Have everywhere dry grass… We don’t want that to happened again the strong fire”.



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