Southern trips: up to $4,000 more for a family of four this winter

Southern Trips: Up to $4000 more for a family of four this winter


People planning to travel south during the holiday season can expect a much higher bill than in the past. 

Upgrades prices vary depending on the destination, but can reach up to 20%, according to Christian Dubreuil, co-owner of Voyage Aqua Terra in Sherbrooke.

For example, a family of four traveling in an all-inclusive to a sunny destination like Mexico or the Dominican Republic could pay around $5,000 before the pandemic. Now, the costs can vary between 8000 and 9000$ for the same conditions.

The same phenomenon occurs for the price of plane tickets. A ticket to Florida used to cost $400. Now it's nearly double.

The significant demand, compared to the smaller travel supply, explains in particular this increase in the cost of travel. 

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The global economic context also plays a big part in this. < /p>

Rising prices for food, raw materials and energy are putting pressure on hotel complexes, which are seeing their operating costs increase.

Despite these high prices, there is It is still possible to save money by using a few tricks. 

It is possible to opt for a flight with a stopover rather than a direct flight, or even to rent an apartment rather than a hotel, explains Christian Dubreuil. 

The choice of destination can also be an important factor, while Cuba remains the place par excellence for more modest prices.

Still, there is a glimmer of hope; experts expect prices to stabilize in the long term.