Spanish ‘sponsor’ FBK proved to be a phantom owner of bogus companies, and the us complained of threats (PHOTO)

Испанский 'спонсор' ФБК оказался фантомным владельцем фиктивных фирм, а американский пожаловался на угрозы (ФОТО)

Living in the USA and the Russian Yuri Maslykov, whose donation to the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK), along with two transfers from the Spanish entrepreneur was the reason for the inclusion of the FBC in the register of “foreign agents”, said incoming threats.

“Today I, my company and my employees are under a lot of pressure. I now get a lot of emails with threats. There were some absolutely insane publications about my criminal record about criminal record my wife is a complete madness. I believe that this is a provocation, which was prepared, because it’s so fast to understand what kind of person did the translation, it is impossible,” said Maslikov in an interview with “the Open media”.

Maslikov retained the citizenship of Russia, owns a Florida company for the production of doors, which the Ministry of justice was named as one of two foreign sponsors of the FBC. Maslikov refused to tell the newspaper where he worked before leaving for the United States, but noted that in those companies and on those posts, “you can’t work with a criminal background”.

Phantom Spaniard: what is known about the second “foreign sponsor” FBK

“My attempts to provide their children a future more secure than mine, over the fact that my then supervisor said, the fact that my child was born in the US, preventing my further progress on the work,” said the man. Refusing to go into details about his life in Russia, he explained that “many people may appear the complexity that I begin to talk about yourself.”

Maslikov stressed that it is not “affiliated with element neither with Russian government nor with the United States government” and not only not cooperating with the secret services, but considers himself “a principled opponent of any Russian special services.” He added that he supported not only the FCO, but “any structure that intentionally fight against corruption or raise money for human rights activities”.

Maslikov explained that it did not support Navalny personally, but is “a clear enemy of corruption” and endorsed the film-the investigation of the FBC. “And I think that if not for my parents, then at least the people in five to ten years younger than me, it helps to understand what’s going on in the government. I, unfortunately, saw it from the inside, and I put up with it I do not want”, – said the businessman.

He noted that previously supported the Foundation in small amounts, while acting cards of Russian banks. The payment that the Ministry of justice recognized the “foreign funding”, Maslikov made in may from your PayPal account to account Director FCO, Ivan Zhdanov, which he published in Facebook. About this translation Maslikov then wrote on his page, noting that corruption exclude for him the possibility of “normally work and live at home.”

Payment Maslikova consisted of two parts – the actual transfer of $ 50 and a fee of $ 2.5. “The fact that in the end it was regarded as a translation from the accounts of the company – well, it is a feature of American law. I don’t have separate accounts. They are all tied in the end for me as an individual,” explained Maslikov. According to him, deliberate provocation on his part in the Commission of this translation was not.

The businessman said he intends to continue to contribute to the investigation of the FBC. However, he noted that he does not consider the right to “go out and fight with Asgardia”. “I at some point said to myself that my personal priorities and my personal relationship with the state do not correspond with what you want most of the people who surround me. I spoke with many people before leaving, and realized that they were all happy. “Well, we live, we are all much better, children are not starving”. I realized that for me this position is not close. To put pressure on others and to impose their position I don’t want,” said Maslikov.

Phantom Spanish sponsor

The second person who sent the money FBK from abroad, was a Spanish entrepreneur Roberto Fabio Monda Cardenas. Director of the Foundation called this translation as a provocation, as it did on the Russian authorities blocked the account from which it is impossible to issue a refund.

DW found that a certain Roberto Fabio Monda cárdenas was two firms: Moto Monda SL auto export-import cars and motorcycles and selling them in Spain, as well as construction company Fabrilad Contratas SL. Although even the smallest of the Spanish companies advertise their activities on the Internet for communication with clients, any such information about the companies of cárdenas DW was found.

On the street of Francisco Suarez, 9, which was intended to be trading vehicles, was a prestigious residential complex, security guards who had never heard of Cardenas. On the street Orfila, house 5, which is allegedly the headquarters of the construction company, actually is a law office, and there about the mysterious Spaniard, too, know nothing. The Secretary of the law firm noted that in Spain, sometimes in dubious order, logged a lot of firms without any legal activities.

A Monda Cardenas recently tried to apply for the position of ordinary policeman in the municipal police Madrid suburb of Majadahonda, but failed to contest.