Specialists reported about serious dangers of tea bags

Despite the fact that many are trying to get rid of the use of polymers, some tea companies are switching from the usual paper bags to plastic.

Специалисты сообщили о серьёзной опасности чайных пакетиков

As reported by researchers at McGill University in Canada, one tea bag of plastic mesh welding leads to the issue of a billion particles of micro – and nanoplastics.

Only one sachet of tea can be about 11,6 billion plastic microparticles and nanoparticles 3.1 billion, said the scientists. This greatly exceeds the number that can be detected in other types of food and drinks, including water in plastic bottles.

Researchers in the experiment used several bags of four different types of tea, which removed the welding and filled with water at a temperature of 95 degrees Celsius for five minutes. The water is then filtered and examined the used bags under the electron microscope.

Averaging the data for the four samples, the researchers came to the conclusion that from a single Cup of this tea in the body on average can get about 2.3 million microparticles.

The impact of micro-plastic on living organisms is still poorly understood. Earlier, the who said that the harm from contact with the micro-plastic in the body is not proven, but its distribution in the world is very big. Particles of synthetic polymers found in groundwater in the intestine of sea turtles and salt.