Speed on many roads of Toronto may soon be limited to 40 km/h (PHOTO)

Скорость на многих дорогах Торонто скоро может быть ограничена 40 км/ч  (ФОТО)

The streets of Toronto is a dangerous place for pedestrians and cyclists, because both groups of these vulnerable road users are all too frequently victims of traffic accidents.

The city government introduced the Vision Zero plan (or rather, Vision Zero 2.0), which aims to reduce to zero the number of deaths of pedestrians and cyclists in road accidents, therefore on many roads of Toronto may soon lower the speed limit.

“High speed increases the risk of serious injuries and deaths, as in this case, the driver reduces the time in making the decision increases the braking distance of the vehicle, which often results in more severe injury at collision”, – is spoken in the report of the Director of Department of development and monitoring the implementation of projects transport management.

“Speed reduction is used as a tool of control program of speed limits in the city, the purpose of which is to reduce the number of road accidents, serious injuries and deaths arising from movement of vehicles at high speed”.

In a new report by Vision Zero is recommended to reduce the speed limit from 50 km/h to 40 km/h on collector roads in Toronto & East York.

It says that Toronto and East York must be reduced to a specified speed by approximately 23.4 km (94%) collector roads currently exceeding 40 km/h.

The report also explains that the reduction in speed by itself is not sufficient to cope with such a complex problem, and that this initiative will be accompanied by a public awareness campaign and request for support from the police service Toronto-addressable control of observance of traffic regulations.

According to the report, will be also assessed the effectiveness of speed reduction in order to determine whether to implement it in other places.

It is expected that by the end of 2020, will be completed minor reductions in speed limits on minor and collector roads, which will be implemented sequentially, covering one section at a time.

The report explained that the roads, which will be reduced the speed limit, are areas located close to the 401-th Hyvaa (usually between congresses), the plots in the industrial areas, areas with a limited number of access roads and/or very large boulevards with sidewalks on the perimeter or areas with wide open outdoor landscape.

The list does not hit the road, where “lower speed limits will create a dissonance with the existing traffic and will conflict speed modes, which can be a problem in relation to security.”

However, exceptions were made for roads near schools where large numbers of pedestrians and cyclists, and sites with a history of accidents resulting from high speeds or areas where sidewalks are very narrow or nonexistent.

The cost of installing speed limit signs on all roads recommended is around 59000 dollars and will be funded from the budget of capital expenditures for the years 2019-2028 and plan the transport service.

According to city statistics, in 2019 as a result of clashes killed 31 pedestrian. Last year on the roads of Toronto in the traffic accident died, 41 pedestrian.

“But even with the hard work of the DPS and informing the public of the reduced speed limit is only part of the program speed control”, – the report says.

“As noted in the report on Vision Zero 2.0, the program speed control includes proactive labels; Watch Your Speed (track speed), automated enforcement of speed limits, improved design of roads and review the practice of establishing speed limits as a key tool to achieve sustainable and effective management of speed.”