Splatoon 3: Get your inkwells!

Splatoon 3: To your inkwells!


More than five years after their last adventure, the Inklings are (finally!) coming to our Nintendo Switch consoles again with Splatoon 3. What tricks do they have up their sleeve this time around? The Journal spoke to Bill Trinen at Nintendo to learn more.

Splatoon Renown– and its adorable Inklings – is well established. In many circles, the game and its characters don't just need an introduction, they're practically sacred as they are adored and celebrated. 

Aren't these terms familiar to you? Let's summarize vulgarly. 

This third-person shooter first made its way into our homes via the Nintendo Wii U console in 2015, introducing an entire generation of gamers to a new species: the Inklings, humanoids capable of transforming into squid in at the flick of a switch (or, rather, at the push of a button). 

Their ultimate goal? Spray the widest possible surface with their colored ink, or even defeat their sworn enemies – the Octarians – with great bursts of colored jets. 

A second chapter in the saga Splatoon , launched on Nintendo Switch in the summer of 2017, solidified their reputation as icons among young people… and not so young, let's face it. The Inklings have since made their official entrance into popular culture, aided by appearances in various Nintendo franchises, such as Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart. < /p>

Undeniable success

This universe – ultra colorful and dapper at will – has been unfolding on console screens across the planet for more than seven years. To what do we owe this success? Different factors, of course. But its game mechanics – both simple and unique – would be one of the keys according to Bill Trinen, vice president, player experience and product at Nintendo. 

“It's a game after all quite complex, but anyone can play it, regardless of age or ability. If we are not particularly good at aiming, for example, we can contribute to the success of our team by painting the ground. All this, with a single button on the controller, ”he says in videoconference with Le Journal

It's true. And Splatoon 3, which launched to great fanfare yesterday, promises to continue the tradition. But it is within the framework of a brand new adventure that we will continue this war of territories disputed with great strokes of ink splashed in all winds. The player is now heading for the Clabousse Land, a burning and post-apocalyptic desert in which he will have to face legions of Octarians, these trigger-happy octopuses. 

Solo or as a team

Obviously, the popular events and matches played online are making a long-awaited return. However, this portion of the game can seem intimidating for novices entering the world of Splatoon today. But do not panic. Bill Trinen is reassuring, highlighting a significant adjustment to the pairing arrangements between online players.– will start this new chapter with a more advanced ranking. Those who have never played it will start at the bottom of the ranking. In this way, they will not face players more experienced than them before having reached their level”, he assures. 

Another option is also offered to these new venus: an entire world to explore in solo will allow them to familiarize themselves with the mechanics of the game and perfect their skills at will before venturing online. 

“People tend to emphasize multiplayer play. But this time around, the single-player mode is even more robust and comprehensive than in the past. You can spend many hours there and find new sections to explore and new weapons to wield,” says Bill Trinen.

Make the fun last

Now that players can get their hands on Splatoon 3, one thing is certain: “The party has only just begun,” says Bill Trinen. Because in addition to one-off events and tournaments, new levels, weapons and even seasonal clothing will be added free of charge in the coming months. an extension (or DLC, in the jargon) paying. 

“We have additional material for the next two years. It's far from over,” promises Bill Trinen. 

Splatoon 3 is currently available on Nintendo Switch.< /strong>