Sport helps to become smarter: scientists have explained how

Physical and mental activity was directly associated

Спорт помогает стать умнее: ученые объяснили, как

The belief that athletes do not differ a great mind — a stereotype, leaving in the past. Studies have repeatedly shown that regular physical activity helps cool the pump brain. Yes, force yourself to go to the gym or for a run can be difficult, but we know how to “Wake up” willpower in a matter of minutes.

First sport helps cope with stress and anxiety. During exercise the brain produces neurotransmitters, including dopamine, serotonin and endorphins — substances which the body lacks during depression.

Physical activity enhances the ability to shift attention and focus

This effect is given even irregular fiznagruzki. Attention is exacerbated by the influx of blood, and no matter what you were doing: walking her dog, dancing in the club (without alcohol) or worked in the gym. So before a serious event, try to arrange a training session, at the right time to be at the peak of brain activity.

From the point of view of neurophysiology, the sport has a great impact on the hippocampus structure in the brain responsible for long term memory. Also exercise affect the growth of cells, instantly raising the level of neurotrophic brain — a protein that stimulates the development of the nervous system.

Спорт помогает стать умнее: ученые объяснили, как

Physical activity stimulates creativity and imagination

Recent studies show that the hippocampus allows modeling various situations. And if the sport is able to develop the hippocampus, respectively, imagination and creativity are developing.

If you practice regularly, you will decrease the risk of dementia and decline of cognitive functions in precio deнном age. This works due to the fact that the hippocampus continues to grow new cells. Sport is one of the ways to keep the brain in working condition throughout life.