Sport is politics: the captain of the national team of Ukraine made a scandalous statement about war with Russia

Спорт вне политики: капитан сборной Украины сделал скандальное заявление о войне с Россией

Volleyball player national team of Ukraine Oleg Carpenter, who plays in the Italian League for the strongest club of the country, “Perugia”, openly said that in the future, it’s possible you may go to play in Russia, despite the fact that it is the aggressor against our country.

For me, sport is sport. Before the war we went to the games in Russia or Belarus almost every week. You know that from Kharkiv to Belgorod at hand. In Moscow we often went. Even so happened that two or three times there were celebrating their birthdays. So when the war started, many players who play in Russia, began to ask us: “What is there in Kiev? Safe?” Said Yes. Later, in 2017, played in Moscow, the Eastern European League matches. Walked around the city in windbreakers “Ukraine” and did not notice any curves views. Even when I went to a cafe to eat, people came up and asked how we got. Don’t want to mix sports with politics. Let they will understand. I feel sorry for the people suffering for the foolish plans of politicians.

I should note that among my friends many of those who fought or continues to fight — five people. And it is volleyball, which at the time started playing. They’re three or four years older than me, since he attracted me to training with older guys. I can say that I was raised as a man, and now, when I come to Khmelnitsky, Dating. Also fighting men who played with my dad. These people I respect a lot. But it is ordinary people who are not dependent, wage war or to stop, “said 22-year-old athlete in an interview with “Commander in chief”.

and his colleague Lomachenko called the war with Russia “carve top”.

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