Sports bar Pick Drake 6ix closed at the request of the lessor (PHOTO)

Спорт-бар Дрейка Pick 6ix закрыт по требованию арендодателя  (ФОТО)

Earlier this week the PR team Drake has announced that his restaurant in downtown Toronto, one that was once a glamorous place, where they served sushi, and then became a sports bar Pick 6ix, closed due to water damage, and this has already happened.

“Unfortunately, due to flooding, Pick 6ix Sports will be closed until further notice, – it is spoken in the message published on the Instagram account of the institution on Tuesday. – Don’t miss the message about our re-opening”.

The same message is also posted on the Windows of the restaurant at 33 Yonge Street.

In circulation, addressed to “guests Pick 6ix”, again it says Pick 6ix closed “due to flooding inside the restaurant” and that staff “quickly does restoration work so that when you next come, you were a pleasure to be here.”

Perhaps the story of the flooding happened in fact, but there is another circumstance.

At the entrances to the sports bar with Yonge Street and Brookfield Place, you can encounter other paper, which upon closer inspection turn out to be a notification from the landlord, announcing that as of November 18, the object was seized for nonpayment of rent in the amount of almost $ 70 000.

That is, the owners of the restaurant, including the most well-known Toronto rapper and member of his team at OVO studios to Nessalu “the chubbs put the” Bisaro currently permitted to enter the room.

“The room was referred back to the property to the lessor in connection with the termination of the lease for failure to perform obligations to pay rent in the amount of $67 514,73”, – stated in the notice, which is addressed to the company Jungle Lion Management Inc., and also have sent e-mail to chubbs put and well-known Dutch businessman Sabah Nissan.

As is usually the case in such situations, the owner of the object, London Life Insurance Company, gave To chubbs put and ten days to claim the personal property located inside the restaurant. All that remains unclaimed may be sold or disposed of after 28 Nov.

The document does not mention the option of making rent and save Pick 6ix.

Given that the lease is already terminated, it is unlikely that even Drake will be able to step in and fix it, unless you pay some large sums.

If this will end the story Pick 6ix, clearly he will remain in the memory of a great private star parties in January 2018 and an abrupt change of the image with the pathetic night club to a modern sports pub.

Just a few months before the rebranding, the cause of which was presumably serious flooding in the summer of 2018, the output of Pick 6ix, where he came to a private party, was shot dead 28-year-old Jaden Jackson.

It is not known whether there Drake, when in may 2018 the tragedy occurred, although police said the party, which is allowed by invitation only, was arranged in honor of the Grammy-nocnego singer.