Sports betting: Blue Jays are under pressure

Sports betting: Blue Jays are under pressure

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Baseball fans had better bet their marbles on the Toronto Blue Jays this weekend, according to bookmakers who favor them to defeat the Seattle Mariners in the first round of the playoffs.< /strong>

With the entire best-of-three series taking place at the Rogers Center, the Jays have the good game before they even set foot on the field and observers are well aware of it. Thus, the Mise-o-jeu + site offered Friday morning odds of 1.58 for a victory for Toronto, notwithstanding the number of meetings required. On the other hand, the visitors will allow bettors to receive 2.40 times their stake if they win.

Also, it is possible to decide on the total number of games played, while predicting the winners . The option of a win in two games for the home team seems the most likely in the eyes of the same platform, under the odds of 2.80. If the Jays win in three outings, the people concerned will get 3.35 times their stake.

In the event of a loss, the amount bet will be multiplied by 5.00 or 4.30 for a outcome in two or three matchups, respectively.

-Elsewhere in the big leagues, the Cleveland Guardians (1.80) start with a head start against the Tampa Bay Rays (2.05) , according to the betting site. The New York Mets (1.51) are also favorites against the San Diego Padres (2.65), as are the St. Louis Cardinals (1.74) against the Philadelphia Phillies (2.15). /p>