Sports journalists to determine the best team in the world in 2019

Спортивные журналисты определили лучшую команду мира 2019 года


The international sports press Association (AIPS) on its official website summed up the results of voting for the best team in the expiring 2019.

The most votes scored “Liverpool”, which this year managed to win three trophies – the Champions League Cup, the UEFA super Cup and the title of Club world champion.

For Liverpool voted 908 journalists that made up of 30.21% of the total number of members voting.

Almost 2 times less gained the votes of women, team USA soccer, who became the champion of the world.

The top 10 teams of the year is as follows:

  1. Liverpool (soccer, men) – of 30.21% of the vote
  2. Team USA (soccer, women) – 17,9%
  3. Team South Africa (Rugby, men) – 14,44%
  4. Brazil (volleyball, men) – 8,88%
  5. “, Apartmány Audi” (handball, women) – 5,79%
  6. Denmark (handball, men) of 4.59%
  7. The team of Norway (biathlon) – 3,89%
  8. The Italian team (water Polo, men) was 3.79%
  9. The Spanish national team (basketball, women) – 3,26%
  10. A mixed team from Japan (judo) was 2.43%.