Spotify in Ukraine: what is the difference and how to install

Ukraine has become the most popular and influential service online music streaming.

In Ukraine, today, July 15, officially заработалSpotify — the world’s most popular online music services streaming. The service is not malperformance digital music industry, was neizmennym the culture of music listening on the network.

Spotify suggested you to listen to music online without downloading and for an inexpensive subscription. At the time of launch Steve jobs predicted the streaming business model bankruptcy, but she was the most promising. Корреспондент.net tells details.

As Spotify has become a favorite service of music lovers

Music streaming service, born in Sweden, is considered a leader among its kind in the world and controls 32 percent of the market (at the same time, Apple Music 18 percent, and Amazon Music — 14 percent).

Popular also have Google Music, but before the end of the year it will cease to exist. The company proposes to move your playlists and library in YouTube Music — streamingby service, available in the app and web player.

For the world user of Spotify — the most familiar platform for consumption of music is in streaming. The main proposal of the service are playlists, it is much more powerful than a radio station that played the hits.

For a unique recommendation system meets artificial intelligence. Spotify’s algorithm, corresponding music to the user everywhere in the world recognized as the most advanced and playlists — to the most diverse and informative.

So Spotify has become the most useful and handy service for music lovers. Editors and users have created several billion unique playlists.

90% profit we receive from sales of premium subscriptions and 10 percent from advertising, which is certainly put between songs for free users of the service.

Musicians and record labels Spotify pays royalties depending on the number of listens of their songs.

To label millions of subscribers streaming is probably the last significant opportunity to earn in the industry.

At the same time, since its launch in 2006 until the end of 2018 Spotify was losing money. The size of the royalties that it paid exceeded earnings.

Two years ago the company entered the new York stock exchange. Now Spotify capitalization is over $ 32 billion.

In the first quarter of 2020 the number of paying Spotify users reached 130 million.

Spotify in Ukraine

Music service became available in Ukraine only on 15 July 2020. The service is available free or subscribe to Premium, which gives you to listen to music without ads.

In addition to Ukraine, the service on this day started in 12 new markets: Moldova, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and Northern Macedonia.

Prices on Spotify in Ukraine

Ukrainian users can go argemi, which opens access to the full package of service for $ 4.99 per month. To triformis family, which will cost 7.99 dollar a month, can connect up to six people.

New тарифPremiumDUO — 6.49 per dollar in addition to the standard premium account offers a good mix for a two — automatically updating playlist for two people.Reminds studentathlete at the price of 2.49 dollars a month.

Spotify в Украине: в чем особенность и как установить

Spotify in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Spotify

For Ukrainian users вSpotify will have several functions:

  • free access for user povsemu Ukraine
  • playlists specially for Ukrainian users
  • This all popular Ukrainian artists
  • personalized music recommendations, which include both foreign and Ukrainian artists
  • integration сInstagram, Facebook, Samsung, Android TV, Google Maps and other
  • Spotify for artists(platform for performers, which allows you to track statistics paralizar)

To use Spotify by downloading it through Google Play, in App Store, or viathe linkon the official website of the application in Ukraine.