Spy stole the pants of the leader of ISIS: the details of the elimination of al-Baghdadi

Шпион украл трусы главаря ИГИЛ: подробности ликвидации аль-Багдади

“The Syrian democratic forces,” told how long after the terrorist № 1

Operation on elimination of the leader of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi would not be possible without the rebels from the US-backed “Syrian democratic forces”.

According to the senior commander of the SDS Polat Jan, own sources of the organization reported that the terrorist № 1 has moved from the Syrian Deir-ez-Zor Idlib, and since may 15, they, along with the CIA tracked down the gunman.

Complicated surgery that he very quickly changed his place of residence, but one of the scouts managed to reach al-Baghdadi.

“Our own source, who was able to reach al-Baghdadi, has brought his underwear to do a DNA test and make sure 100% that we are talking about him”, writes John on his Twitter page.

Шпион украл трусы главаря ИГИЛ: подробности ликвидации аль-Багдади

The decision on the elimination of arch-terrorist in the village of Barish was made over a month ago, but because of the elimination of American troops and the beginning of the Turkish military operation “the Source of peace” this plan had to be postponed.

The commander of the rebels said that the operation to eliminate the ISIL leader from beginning to end was carried out using SDS.