SQ: means of pressure shortly?

SQ: pressure tactics shortly?


Police officers from the Sûreté du Québec are planning pressure tactics “over the next few days” to encourage the provincial government to get more involved in negotiations suspended since Saturday.&nbsp ;

In talks since October 14, 2021, the Association of Provincial Police Officers of Quebec (APPQ) admitted that Quebecers could suffer momentarily. The parties involved have not had a valid employment contract since March 31 and the tone at the negotiating table is rather gloomy; the APPQ thus criticizes the attitude of the government which, according to it, does not seem to give adequate and fair consideration to the status of the national police. It also deplores the lack of staff and the problems related to the overtime required of its members.

“Services to the population may be affected over the next few days for a period of 24 hours” she warned in a press release Thursday, adding that the police have been asked to refuse overtime work.

In concrete terms, the APPQ is calling for more consideration from the government that leaves the police officers of the SQ to themselves, according to its president, Dominic Ricard.

“The needs for police personnel are glaring and cause many hours of compulsory overtime. The troops are exhausted,” he complained, recalling that several units across the province experienced service breakdowns this summer.

What are the solutions?< /p>

The APPQ deplored the problems of attracting and retaining personnel, as well as deficient training and the precarious psychological health of its members. In addition, the creation of several new squads and requests for assistance from municipalities, including Montreal, have an impact on SQ police officers. Since the troops on the ground throughout Quebec are not sufficient, according to the Association, overtime has been imposed on police officers for several months.

“It is not normal that 'with all these responsibilities, members of the Sûreté du Québec are among the lowest paid police officers in Quebec!', added Mr. Ricard.