Squad gravce “Shahtarya” pokorilsya marriage products and in Ukraine I expressed racism

Дружина гравця "Шахтаря" поскаржилася на брак продуктів в Україні і прояв расизму

Dan Souza

Squad 31-ronago pushchanka “Shahtarya” Dennio – Dan Souza podolasia npharmacy about the special person of life in Ukraine.

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“The home of mi gotov brazilska go. We podobala rice, Bobby cava. Mi not can bought all TSE in Ukraine. Right in the fact scho not mayut Ukrainians Zwicky of state bilya plates in the kitchen. The stench gotout more legs jedlo – Supi I salati”, is to direct dawn be called a few more words Sosi Yahoo Esportes.

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“Our family duzhe good znajoma z tsimi people. The stench Viali s Brazil, dwellers Buti h us. Mi duzhe blisk”.

Squad Dentro rosove takozh, scho – children in Ukraine shkolina s case proevo racism.

“The United Nations country duzhe bagato aparecen schodo charnoski I GeV. DW stars Ducati in skol was pokazyvali language mo daughter. I know scho TSE through a coloro SCRI. Once I sustra h I said,” Has to show language – pobachiti Yogo in may Roz”, – butaperazine said Souza.

Naadam scho Dentro Tarasov in “Shahtar” trawn 2011 rock. For Tsey hour brasileco becoming a 6-kratkim champion , 5-kratkim with Volodar of the Cup of Ukraine.

Дружина гравця "Шахтаря" поскаржилася на брак продуктів в Україні і прояв расизму

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