Square Enix Montreal closes three weeks after changing its name

Square Enix Montreal closes three weeks after name change


Just three weeks after renaming its Montreal studio Square Enix, CDE Entertainment has decided to shut down its video game studio instead, a decision that affects some 200 employees. 

CDE's director, Phil Rogers, explained in a statement sent to various media that CDE's parent company, Embracer, ultimately prefers to rely on its Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal studios.

“We see growth opportunities around our core franchises and our AAA games. Closing our quality assurance and our Onoma studio is a difficult decision, which we have taken with great care and consideration,” argued Mr. Roger, promising to relocate as many employees as possible to other subsidiaries. /p>

CDE had nevertheless put efforts into a rebranding of its Montreal studio Square Enix by unveiling a new logo and a new name, Onoma, for the company on October 10.

Founded in 2012, Square Enix Montreal was first to become a major game production studio for Square Enix. It had, however, adopted a shift towards mobile games a few years later, adopting franchises like “Hitman”, “Lara Croft” and “Deus Ex” for mobile platforms.

This studio, along with that of 'Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics, were acquired by Embracer along with the “Hitman”, “Lara Croft” and “Deus Ex” franchises, among others, for the sum of $300 million. The sale was completed last August.