SSS told me how much money is spent on the purchase of alcohol in Ukrainian families

By results of research of the State statistics service in the first half of 2019, the average family in Ukraine monthly spent about 1200 UAH on alcohol products.

Госстат рассказал, сколько средств уходит на приобретение алкоголя в украинских семьях

It is reported portal “Hvilya”, referring to the state statistics service.

The service noted that those who live in cities, spending on alcoholic beverages more than 400 UAH. than villagers. First every month spent an average of 1,300 UAH. the second — 900 UAH.

Families with children in the first half of last year, each month spent on alcoholic beverages 1100 UAH. Childless couples were allocated to alcohol a bit more — 1200 UAH.

According to gosstat, in 2018 and 2019, average monthly expenses of Ukrainians for alcoholic beverages identical — 1200 UAH. on one family.